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Welcome to Metal Investments

Metal Investments Limited and its Group of Companies are global suppliers of diverse raw materials, non-ferrous and ferrous metals to a wide range of industrial consumers. Since our formation, we recognised the importance of delivering reliable performance and providing each of our industrial consumers with the highest level of service. We invest in, produce and supply raw materials used by the non-ferrous industry, raw materials used for aluminium, copper, zinc, lead and nickel production.

With our diversified commodity portfolio we serve a broad range of end-use applications. The timely delivery of the commodities is essential for our customers, to ensure this we use our large global logistic network of sea and land transportation. We also supply a number of international customers in industries associated with oil based products, fertilizer products, coal, metallurgical and foundry coke, iron ore and many other important commodities.

LME 3M price Sell USD/t Buy USD/t Change USD/t
Copper 6665 6685 5
Aluminium 1860 1880 21
Lead 2145 2165 4
Zinc 2050 2070 21
Nickel 18375 18475 100
Tin 23675 23775 75