Building Long-Term Customer Relationship

About Us

Metal Investments and its Group of Companies incorporated in 1995, are privately owned. Since its formation the Company has had a continuous yearly increase in growth and has expanded its investments and developed new markets. Our solid record and reputation for business integrity, timely performance and devotion to our customer has led to significant growth in our business. Our Company continues to grow whilst providing the best possible service to customers by meeting the increasing demand of the global industry.

We currently employ a large number of people around the world at our subsidiary production units, trading offices and shipping and transportation companies. Through our extensive marketing and sales network, we are handling large volumes of numerous commodities. Whilst our core business is in non-ferrous and ferrous metals we are also very active in the energy sector, crude oil and agricultural products. The Group operates through the following divisions:

Metal Investments is dedicated to creating value for its employees while constantly improving its performance. We pursue improvement in new technologies that make our operations more economically efficient. We have expertise across a broad range of activities connected to supply of raw materials for ferrous and non-ferrous industries. Our aim is to be a leading recognised Company whose employees continually add value to the Group's performance.

Most of all, our aim is to build a strong and long-term relationship with our customers.